How To

Oh so simple! Here is how to load and use your OHSO travel brush.

1. Remove the watertight travel cap by pulling and twisting slightly.

2. To Fill:

      a. Remove the replaceable brush head by unscrewing
      [counter clockwise]

      b. Screw tight your favorite tube of toothpaste [clockwise]
      after having squeezed out any excess air in the tube.

      c. Turn the end cap [counter clockwise]. This will create a
      vacuum and pull toothpaste into the handle. Turn until the
      OHSO Travel Brush is fully loaded.

3. To Dispense:
Turn the end cap [clockwise] and toothpaste is pushed through the rubber nozzle right on top of the bristles. Brush, replace the cap, and GO.


A. Watertight cap

B. Durable, yet light weight chrome finish

C. Replaceable bristle head with toothpaste delivery nozzle

D. Toothpaste chamber window showing level

E. Rubberized knob for easy grip and turning


(c) copyright 2006 OHSO