About OHSO

OHSO was engineered to be the ultimate travel toothbrush. Besides being good looking the OHSO Travel Toothbrush is useful and durable. Look at the great features. Return to our main page to play our "how to" video.

Self-Dispensing. Toothpaste is stored in the handle for safekeeping. The window shows you how much paste is in the chamber. Turn the knob clockwise and paste is dispensed though the rubber nozzle on the bristle head. Tilt down and paste is delivered directly to the bristles.

Easily Refillable. Fill it up when it is empty. OHSO uses suction technology to pull toothpaste into the handle for no mess refilling.

Use Your Favorite Toothpaste. Fill OHSO with any type of toothpaste from most tubes. Colgate toothpaste is "plug compatible" with OHSO. Use the universal adapter if your brand doesn't fit.

No Mess. OHSO will not leak and is easy to refill without making a mess. Except for the small nozzle tip, toothpaste is never exposed to the air. So it should never "gum up" in the chamber. Take off the bristle head, and OHSO is easy to clean with warm tap water.

Replaceable Bristles. Replace the bristle heads when they wear out. Your OHSO should last a good long time by replacing the bristle heads periodically.

Special Cap Design. The water tight cap is held on with an o-ring. So water leakage is unlikely when you travel. The vented cap provides maximum air circulation for bristle drying. The non-vented cap doubles as a rinsing cup and virtually guarantees no seepage.


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